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Servicing Melbourne Since 1969!

Market Experience

Our depth and breadth of experience of marketing in the inner suburbs and CBD is second to none. A combination of our large investor client base and marketing initiatives guarantee that your property will receive maximum exposure and that you will receive the best advice available.

The company's new office on Lonsdale Street has added a higher profile to our residential marketing, with the addition of a street level show-case to display client's properties.

Method of Sale

Offering a property at auction with the appropriate advertising brings it to the notice of the greatest number of potential buyers.

When advertising an auction, the asking price is not quoted, therefore, a prospective purchaser is not discouraged by price and can assess its likely selling range for themselves. An inspection is the key to creating interest and we have found that many buyers exceed their pre-conceived price limits.

Competitive bidding at a properly promoted and well-attended auction generally ensures the highest possible price.

With the current state of the residential market, it would be our advice that your property should be auctioned to ensure the market forces and competition on the day of auction are maximised ensuring the optimum price for your property.

In an auction situation the purchaser signs an unconditional contract after paying 10% deposit. The three day cooling off period does not apply to auctions for residential properties.

In summary, an auction campaign is generally concentrated over a four week period, whereas a private sale has no such time constraints. An auction also indicates a positive decision to sell and puts the onus on prospective purchasers to compete on the auction day or risk missing out.



In the marketing of every property that we are instructed to sell, we start by asking some questions:

  • What is it about this particular type of property that makes it stand out from others ?

  • What type of advertising will promote and expose the property to the greatest number of potential purchasers ?

  • Who is the target audience for our advertising, that is, who is likely to be the most interested in the property we are selling ?


As you may have already noticed, we are particular in how we promote the properties we handle. Our goal is to tailor the marketing of each property to suit the likely buyers circulating in the market at the time and we will take whatever steps are necessary to achieve that end.

Range of Services
  • Provide an appraisal of the market property.

  • Recommend ways to optimise the appeal of the property.

  • Provide a marketing proposal, to include:

    • marketing schedule and advertising budget

    • strategies for introducing prospective buyers to the property.

  • Determine existing tenancy arrangements

  • Arrange and lodge approved advertising and promotional material.

  • Screen prospective buyers.

  • Provide regular reports on the level of buyer interest.

  • Liaise with the occupier to arrange inspections.

  • Conduct an inspection of the property with prospective buyers.

  • Submit all offers.

  • Establish, prior to the auction, a strategy for the conduct of the auction, taking into account the seller's instructions and the level of buyer interest.

  • Confirm the availability of the necessary documentation to effect the sale.

  • Conduct the auction in accordance with the REIV Auctioneer's Code of conduct.

  • Negotiate a sale in accordance with the seller's instructions.

  • Receipt deposit in accordance with the Estate Agents Act.

  • In the event that the property is not sold, maintain contact as required to review the sale campaign and extend it for an agreed time and for any additional agreed advertising budget.

  • Provide the opportunity for a final inspection.

  • Liaise with legal representatives of all parties to facilitate sale and settlement.