Commercial Property Management defined:

Commercial Property Management aims to maximise the asset value of properties for the landlord. The key responsibilities of our office include but are not limited to the following.

Systems and Standards to deal with
  • Collecting rent and GST (if applicable)

  • Rental arrears

  • Lease options

  • Rental review

  • Lease renewal and expiry

  • Property files including lease agreements, correspondence etc.

  • Diary notes

  • Legal and Regulatory Requirements

  • Understanding and working with the Retail Leases Act 2003

  • Preparing (if applicable), understanding and executing the Disclosure Statement and Lease with both the tenant and landlord

  • Different types of Lease Agreements

  • Special conditions

  • Notifying the Small Business Commissioner (SBC) of a new lease agreement

  • Application and collection of GST


Financial Responsibilities
  • Invoicing

  • Collecting rental

  • Remittance to landlords via a statement (monthly)

  • Invoice outgoings (including any GST on charging)

  • Preparing and distributing quarterly (if required) and annual financial reports

  • Paying creditors

  • General accounting

Liaising with both Tenants and Landlords
  • New tenant enquires, inspections etc.

  • Notify of rent default

  • Assisting the landlords solicitor

  • Maintenance

  • Rental reviews, annual and market review

  • Lease options

  • Termination - breach of lease or expiry

  • Transfer of Lease

  • Maintaining general file notes


Property Maintenance
  • Understanding urgent maintenance

  • General maintenance - landlord and/tenant responsibility (capital or general)

  • Essential service requirements

  • Site inspection (this is not compulsory)

29-31 Market Street
29-31 Market Street
29-31 Market Street, Entrance
29-31 Market Street, Entrance
394 Collins Street
394 Collins Street
394 Collins Street- Ballroom
394 Collins Street- Ballroom
24-34 Little Bourke Street
24-34 Little Bourke Street
29-31 Market Street - Entrance Interior
29-31 Market Street - Entrance Interior